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Can my kids come and take part?

Of course! Providing, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

What Clothing do i have to wear?

Bring light gear, such as you would wear to cycle; No Wool or heavy materials; and light footwear as well (something you don't mind getting wet and dirty). Also, Bring a complete change of clothes for when you finish.

What food do i bring?

Bring a packed lunch (in a water tight box - if possible); choc snacks (high sugary content snacks); Flask of coffee. This is all you'll need as there's cafes at every launch and finale points.

Is there parking?

Of course! There's parking at all launch locations, some is free, some are pay&display so bring some change.

Can i sit and watch?

If you don't fancy getting your feet wet, your with a group and want to watch then we by all means you can remain on the shore. We'll remain close to the launching point until people are all comfortable on the water.

What Happens if i Capsize?

We won't force you to capsize, we feel this is an old form of coaching and not necessary to the enjoyment of your day out. We find that only roughly 1 in 20 people capsize as it's an accidental event, but we will teach all who take part what to do in case this does happen. Coaches will all be on hand as well, so you are in good hands.

How do i learn? Through what methods do you teach people?

Primarily, your enjoyment is of paramount importance. Therefore we try and keep all coaching in the form of games and competitive scenarios... as we're all sport enthusiasts 😉

I want to buy my own kayak/canoe, do you sell second hand boats?

Yes we do! We can even source boats for you if theres a particular one your after. Best way to find out more information is to contact 'ComeKayaking' by phone at 07812598571.

Do you offer safety cover for outdoor swimming events?

Yes we do! We hold a curret and valid Swim Even Safety Award (SESA) and cover events such as the Great North Swim.