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What activities can i do?

Kayaking Key:



Flat Water Sea Kayaking

Easy - 4 to 6 mile estuary trips, taking in beautiful scenery, maybe Seals, Herons, Cormorants, on the river Lune estuary or Kent estuary or Wyre estuary.


Flat Water Kayak Touring

Easy - 4 to 6 mile Lake and or river trips, taking in beautiful scenery, maybe Kingfishers and cormorants. On Lake Windermere or Coniston, Ullswater,or Derwentwater. Rivers Lune or Ribble.


White Water River Touring

Easy - grade one or two rivers, Lune, Brathay, Rothay, Eden, Ribble. Taking in gently flowing rivers with some excitement.


White Water Slalom

Training on slalom gates on rivers grade one to three, staggers, breakouts, spins, advice on training and racing.

Can you Canoe with ComeKayaking?


Flat Water Lake & Sea Canoeing

Easy - 4 to 6 mile Lake or Sea trips, taking in beautiful scenery from iconic locations and estuary's. There is the chance of seeing Kingfishers, seals, otters, herons and even cormorants on our travel.

As the enthusiastic Canoe-ers you are, you get the choice of location: Lake Windermere, Lake Coniston, Ullswater or Derwentwater.

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