So you've learnt the basics, you're now hooked and you want to learn more.... ComeKayaking can definitely help you with that!

We offer British Canoe Union (BCU) Star Award Assessments, including:

  • 1 Star
  • 2 Star
  • 3 Star White Water
  • 3 Star Touring
  • BCU Lifeguards - Foundation, Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT) Course

The majority of our participants have stepped in a canoe or kayak at some point in their lives, most of which take part for the fulfilment of the sport itself and lake district scenery. There are those that were serious whitewater athletes at some stage of their lives, and just want a refresher... That' fine too!

We work to your timetable, your pace of learning and your preference of activities. If your here for the experience and want to get out and see as much as possible then, or, you wish to learn new techniques and practices we have pre-planned exercises that adhere to both. All days out begin with fun warm-ups in the form of shallow water games, mimicking the fundamentals of river and open water Kayaking and Canoeing.


How long & How Far do we travel for?

Trips out run once in the morning and afternoon:

**9.30am to 12.30pm and 1pm to 4pm

Both morning and afternoon offer roughly 4-6 miles of  peaceful, Oar inspiring views and exciting waters to explore.

How much and how do you book?

We here at ComeKayaking relish the opportunity to interact with our customers and help make their day the very best it can be. All bookings can be made either by phone, via email or by the Contact Us form on the Contact Us page. Simple as that!

The price of your trip out will depend on how many people in your party. It' s£35pp on Flat Water (Lakes & Sea); £45pp for River Trips and £18pp for Private Hire. Canoe prices are the same as Kayaking prices, but are only available for use on the flat water days out (not rivers).

Would you like a quote?

For a Quick Quote please use the ComeKayaking Quote tool, if you have any questions; queries or confusions please don't hesitate to Contact Us and speak to one of the team.


Contact Us or Make a Booking

Contact us or even make a booking by following this link. Here you'll have all the means by which to contact one of the team and to get yourselves booked in ASAP!