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Day's Out

We offer you the opportunity to see the iconic landscapes of Cumbria's Lakes in a number of tailored packages suitable for all ages and abilities.

News & Events

The ComeKayaking team travel all over, attending GB conferences, workshops and developmental days; leading coaching awards and also attending such events as the London 2012 Olympics. Keep up to date and even get involved!

Interactive Map

Take a look at ComeKayaking's Interactive Map, where you can delve in to all the best areas we visit with our customers, our local partners as well as places to visit in the local areas.

Why ComeKayaking?

ComeKayaking is a family run business which offers water-sports such as Kayaking and Canoeing to all. Our coaches are best known for our fresh outlook toward the sporting world, scraping the current, overall elitist agenda and giving everyone equal opportunities to get involved in water-sports. We welcome the chance to create new partnerships in the local area, and take pride from the links that have already been accomplished.

We feel that Cumbria's Lake district is amongst the most picturesque locations on the planet, and we're lucky enough to not only offer this to our customers, but also the chance to see this beautiful place from a unique point of view.

Amongst the ComeKayaking line-up, we have the knowledge and experience to rival any Elite-Level coaching team. With over 60 years combined coaching experience, and several of our coaching team making it to both international and world stages of competition, we can safely say that you have among the finest men and women in the industry on hand to take you out on the greatest waters around.


Want to get out on the water yet?

ComeKayaking Offers bespoke packages tailored around you, you current abilities as well as where you want to go on the day. Our days out are all about you!